Monday, April 5, 2010

Swap #4: Vintage Fringe Vest

Why not pull up a chair, pop in the DVD (wait is it even available on DVD?) and let's watch some episodes of The Wonder Years.
Channel Kevin Arnold's cooler older sister Karen (Olivia D'abo)
in this vintage velveteen-like fringe vest
Size: Small/Medium
(label says "Medium" but its vintage, so it fits smaller)

Length (High Point Shoulder to Bottom Fringe edge)=29"
Fringe Length=14-1/2", Vest Length=14-1/2"
Bust (Measured Front on Flat Surface)=17"
Sweep (bottom edge of vest portion, measured front on flat surface)=17"

Condition: Good
-Small faint stain near front left shoulder
-Missing front button for closure (easy to repair)

All other items shown in photo not included in Swap


I'll Swap For:
-Article of clothing
-The Wonder Years on DVD
-Name Your Own Swap (see my wishlist for ideas)

No Items to Swap?
OK, $7.00 + cost of shipping
(this option does not guarantee you a "win" on this item)

If Interested in this Swap, email:
-Include Post title in the subject line
-State your proposed Swap in body of email

No tradebacks allowed, read "How-It-Works" or ask me questions beforehand.

Swap Ends on April 25, 2010 @ 11:59pm (eastern time)

Swap #3: Vintage Vest

Blue Polyester Knit Vest

Condition: Excellent

(other items shown, not included in swap)

-Front button closure
-front pocket detail
-White contrast topstitching
-Possibly from early '90s

-Label: Moe Clothing Company


Size: Small

Length (High Point Shoulder to Sweep)= 18"
Bust (measured FRONT on flat surface)=16-1/2"
Waist (located at sweep of this garment, measured FRONT on flat surface)=15"


I'll Swap For:
-Article of Clothing
-Name your Own Swap (see my Wishlist for ideas)

Don't have an Item to Swap?
OK, $7.00 + cost of shipping
(Note: this does not necessarily guarantee you a "win" of this item)

If interested, or you have questions, email:
-Include title of post in the subject line
-Indicate your swap proposal in body of email

(familiarize yourself with "How-it-Works")

Swap will end on April 25th, 2010 @ 11:59pm (eastern time)

Let's make a deal!

Swap #2: Gold Earring Lot

Gold Earring Lot
(4 Pairs)

-All have been sterilized with alcohol
-Condition: Good/Fair

Fuchsia plastic flower disk w/gold filigree
from Chictopia/Forever 21 Fashion Week party (in swag bag, never worn)

Gold Star earrings
from Forever 21

Gold Pharoah earrings
from Girlprops

-slight wear in gold plating

Gold Butter earrings
from Forever 21

-slight wear in gold plating

I'll Swap For:
-pair of earrings
-vintage jewelry
-anything on my wishlist
-name your own swap

Don't have an item to swap?
Ok, $3.00 + cost of shipping
(note: this option does not guarantee you automatic "win", if another person offers an item worthy of swapping, I may choose that over your purchase offer)

Swap will close on April 25, 2010 at 11:59pm (eastern time)

If interested in swapping, email:
-Put the title of this post in your subject
-List your swap proposal in body of email

There are no trade-backs, ask questions if you need further information on an item.
-Please familiarize yourself with "How-it-Works"

This swap may be combined with Swap #1 if your proposing item(s) worthy of both LOTS.

Swap #1: Dangly Earring Lot

Lot of Dangly Earrings
(8 Pairs)

-All have been sterylized w/alcohol
-Condition: Good/Fair

Sage Green Pearl/Chain
from Laila Rowe

Skull and Crossbones w/Bow
Handcrafted by ME :)

Aqua Plastic Discs
from H&M

Crosses and Chains
from H&M
-missing one cross, but who's gonna notice?

Pink rhinestone/epoxy stone mini chandelier earrings
from H&M

Multi Brown Bead earrings
handcrafted by ME :)

Rollerskate charm earrings
from H&M

Aaarrrr Matey!
Skull and crossbones + Pirate flag on chains
Handcrafted by ME :)

I'll Swap for:
-a pair of earrings
-a piece of vintage jewelry
-Anything on my wishlist
-Name your own Swap

No Swap-worthy Item, but still want this Lot?
Ok, $5.00 + cost of shipping

If interested in swapping, please email:
-Include the title of this post in your subject line
-Within the body of email, inform me your swap proposal

Swap #1 will be closed on April 25th, 2010 at 11:59pm
(eastern time)

Remember-if you have any questions, please ask. I will be happy to answer to give further info.
Familiarize yourself beforehand with "How-it-Works".
-No tradebacks allowed, if you so choose to cancel your swap proposal, inform me in an email no later than close date/time of swap.

This swap can be combined with Swap #2 if you have a proposal worthy of both swaps.
(Please state this intention in your email)