Monday, April 5, 2010

Swap #1: Dangly Earring Lot

Lot of Dangly Earrings
(8 Pairs)

-All have been sterylized w/alcohol
-Condition: Good/Fair

Sage Green Pearl/Chain
from Laila Rowe

Skull and Crossbones w/Bow
Handcrafted by ME :)

Aqua Plastic Discs
from H&M

Crosses and Chains
from H&M
-missing one cross, but who's gonna notice?

Pink rhinestone/epoxy stone mini chandelier earrings
from H&M

Multi Brown Bead earrings
handcrafted by ME :)

Rollerskate charm earrings
from H&M

Aaarrrr Matey!
Skull and crossbones + Pirate flag on chains
Handcrafted by ME :)

I'll Swap for:
-a pair of earrings
-a piece of vintage jewelry
-Anything on my wishlist
-Name your own Swap

No Swap-worthy Item, but still want this Lot?
Ok, $5.00 + cost of shipping

If interested in swapping, please email:
-Include the title of this post in your subject line
-Within the body of email, inform me your swap proposal

Swap #1 will be closed on April 25th, 2010 at 11:59pm
(eastern time)

Remember-if you have any questions, please ask. I will be happy to answer to give further info.
Familiarize yourself beforehand with "How-it-Works".
-No tradebacks allowed, if you so choose to cancel your swap proposal, inform me in an email no later than close date/time of swap.

This swap can be combined with Swap #2 if you have a proposal worthy of both swaps.
(Please state this intention in your email)

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