Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Forever My Wish List-

In no particular order:

Vintage Owl Jewelry
(or other vintage jewelry)

Gently Used Clothing
(My Measurements: Bust=37, Waist=27, Hips=37 / Shoe Size=8)

Handmade Items
(I.E. Etsy goods, items crafted with Love, etc)

(purses, scarves, jewelry, tights, hats, hair pieces, etc)

Vintage Concert tees
(Before 1994, unless awesome like Ace of Base)

(preferably new, although once-tried make-up will be considered)

Vintage Clothing
(see measurements listed above)

Other Items of Mention:

-Anything "Owls"
-Music (cds or records)

And remember, these are just items I'm always on the hunt for.
If you've got something else to swap, by all means propose it to me-you never know what I might like!


Welcome to my Swap-Shop, Swappy Seconds!
Maybe you'll just find that my cast-offs are your newest treasure.

The Plan:

-I post items I'm planning on getting out of my life
-You entice me with swap proposals
-After previously specified amount of time, I choose the person's item I most want to swap for
-"Winner" and I trade addresses and head to the post office (I pay to ship you my item(s), you pay to ship me your items)
-A Swap has been made!

How To Go About a Swap:

-Read each item's post carefully, making sure to note the end date of each swap.
-If interested in the item, email me (swappy_seconds@yahoo.com)with the blog post's title as the subject
-Within the email, tell me your item(s) you're willing to trade for it (photos are appreciated)
-Wait patiently until swap Item's specified end-date, when winner will be contacted within 24 hours (unless I'm out-of-town, or something crazy is going down in my life).
-Winner will also be posted on Swappy Seconds for all to note. (if you have a blog/website I will link the winner to it)

It's "Quality" Not Quantity:

-I am getting rid of these items whether swapped or not, they will eventually be donated to charity (I just want to give you first dibs)
-I am not looking to score a lot of items/loot in these trades, in fact I'm looking to downsize my life.
-Many Items will be grouped together as a "LOT", and I am not necessarily looking to trade for similar quantity of items.
-I'll be happy to trade a "LOT" for one item I really treasure.
-So make your proposed swaps geared to my likings

Don't Have Anything to Swap?:

-No problem, each item will also specify a small fee for those looking to make a quick purchase.
-Just email me letting me know that you're interested in Buying, not swapping
-In addition to the small purchase fee, you will be responsible for shipping charges.
-By opting to purchase instead of swapping does not necessarily guarantee you a "win", I may choose a swap item from another proposal if its well suited to my liking

Some Hints on Swaying my Final Choice:

-Check out my ongoing "Wishlist" for items I LOVE/WANT all-day, everyday
-Check the Item's Post to see if any particular goods are listed as "Swap-worthy"
-Get to know ME by reading my blog: Wild as a Mink, but Sweet as Sodapop

Got Questions?

-Read all Items' posts carefully, as tradebacks and refunds will not be allowed. Make sure to ask any questions before proposing a swap.
-If you decide against a previous proposal-contact me before the end-date and I'll be happy to remove your item from consideration.
-Swapper (me) pays for shipping my item(s) to you, Swappee (you) pays to ship your item(s) to me.
-If individual choosing to purchase my item (instead of swapping) is chosen as the winner of the swap, he/she will be responsible for payment and shipping costs.