Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swap #12: Tara Jarmon for Target Skirt

NOTICE: Item has been swapped to The_Ed, I got some great watermelon colored lipstick in return.

Never Actually Worn Before (it was packed in a suitcase on a trip to Ohio, but never worn).
Condition = Excellent!

*100% Cotton  *Zipper closure  *Pintuck details  *Eyelet detail at sweep  *Cotton Lining


I believe it's a size 5...however, here's the measurements:
Waist=29", Hip=Free (as its a very full mini), Lenght=16-1/2"
If interested in this item, please review my "How-It-Works" section found on right hand panel of this blog.  Then, check out my ongoing "wish-list" if you need ideas for tempting me into swapping with you--however, believe me, I'm open to almost don't hesitate to veer away from my wish list when stating your proposed swap item.

When ready to state your proposed swap, Email me:

-List the title of this post in your subject line
-State your proposal in body of Email

If you have any questions, ask now, as I do not offer tradebacks once a deal has been made.

Want this item but have nothing to swap?  Ok No problem...
Just give me $5.00 + cost of Shipping

This swap will close at midnight on July 30th, 2010 (that's Eastern time).  I will contact the lucky swapper shortly thereafter.

And yes, this swap can be combined with other swaps listed if you feel your item for swapping is worth more than this skirt alone...just make sure to inform me of this in your email.

Cutest little Tara Jarmon for Target 
(a Go Int.'l collaboration) miniskirt!
It's the most dreamy shade of blue-kinda a mix btwn Periwinkle and baby blue...maybe a cerulean blue?

Swap #11: Vintage Floral Print Skirt

Vintage Floral Print Skirt!

-100% cotton
-back zipper closure
-pink satin gross-grain piping
-print combo
-A-line silhouette

-And just a Hint of Little House on the Prairie thrown in for good measure :)
Label inside reads, "You Babes" (ummmm cute!)
Vintage size 9
Waist=26", Hip=very accomodating (A-line is a generous silhouette), Length=27"

If interested in this item, please first read the "how-it-works" located on the right side panel of this blog.  Then check out my "wish list" if you need ideas in order to tempt me into swapping with you.
-Please ask me any questions you may have regarding this item as I do not accep tradebacks.

Once you've figured out what you're going to offer in exchange for this skirt, just email me:

-Include the title of this post in your subject line
-Include your proposed swap in the body of email

(This item can be combined with other swaps on this blog if you feel your item up for swaps is of greater value than just this skirt alone, just make sure to mention it).

Don't have anything to Swap, but still want this skirt?
Ok, no problem:
Just give me $4.00 + Cost of Shipping

This swap will close on July 30th, 2010 @ midnight NYC time (that's Eastern time BTW).
-The lucky chosen swapper will be notified shortly thereafter.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Swap #10: Asian Floral Motif Free People Skirt

Blue, Free People Skirt.
*Slight A-line silhouette
*100% Cotton
*Elastic/drawstring at Back Waist
Size: Small
(Waist=27", when not stretched--approx. 30" when elastic at back is stretched. 
Hip=36", Length=27")

-Note there is no closure on this skirt, so one must be able to pass it over hips (I have 37" hips, and it gets over them OK, however honestly, much larger than this and it might not go up)

If Interested in this Item, please read my How-It-Works section located on right panel.
Also, check out my wish-list  (also located on right panel) for some swap-worthy ideas--or surprise me with your own creative item.
When ready to make a proposed swap, please email me:
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Don't have an item to Swap?  No problem,
$5.00 + Cost of Shipping

This can be combined with other swaps listed if you feel your swap-worthy item is more valuable than this skirt alone.  Just let me know.

Swap Proposals must be Received by July 30, 2010 @ Midnite Eastern Time.

Swap #9: Betsey Johnson Lace Tiered Skirt

Notice: This item has been donated to AlysonIsNeat.
This Betsey Johnson Yellow lace skirt is delicate and feminine.
Perfect for the girly-girl at heart!
Size 6
(Waist=28", Hip=37", Length=22-1/2")

*Lace Fabric
(with a very vintage-y look about it)
*Butter Yellow color
*Satin gross-grain ribbon detail
*Tricot lining
*Zipper Closure

Condition: Good
-Slight stain on lining, not visible from through lace
(I purchased this skirt at Beacon's Closet, the stain was already there...maybe it's blood--ewww, maybe not.  Whatever it is, it didn't stop me from wearing it.)
If interested in this item, 
please read my "How-It-Works" section 
found on Right Panel.
And ask any questions before proposing a swap--if you're the lucky swapper, I do not allow trade-backs.
As always, acquaint yourself with my Wish-List...or sway me with your own ideas and items not found on my wishlist.  I'm open to almost anything really!

Once ready to propose your swap, contact me via email:
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-Name your proposal within the body of the email

Nothing to Swap?  Ok No Problem;
Just give me $6.00 + Cost of Shipping

Swap proposals must be received by July 30th, 2010 @ Midnite Eastern Time.
-remember, if you opt to purchase the item instead of swapping, that does not necessarily guarantee you the item--I may choose a proposed swap by another trader over your cash.

This swap may be combined with other(s) if you feel your swap-worthy item(s) are worth more than this skirt alone...just let me know.