Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swap #6: Patent Leather Mary-jane heels


Swap #6: Patent Leather Mary-janes
(of the faux leather variety)


Black patent leather, finished with white piping and button detail.
Very retro looking if I do say so myself.


Brand: Fioni
Size: 8
(measures about 9-1/2" in length, and accomodates wide width feet)
Heel: 3-1/2" height


Condition: FAIR
-While the shoe itself has no sign of falling apart
-There is a sign of wear, namely the scuffs on inside heel of both shoes
-And tiny knicks on heel



Please take these off my hands, it pains me that I cannot wear them.
They're too wide for my feet :(


I'll Swap For:
-Size 8 pair of heels/shoes
-Anything on my Wishlist

Nothing to Swap?
OK, $7.00 + cost of shipping

If interested in swapping, contact me at:
-Include the title of this post in your subject line
-State your swap proposal in the body of email
-May be combined with Swap #5 if your item(s) are of greater value to you
No tradebacks allowed, please ask questions if you have any concerns
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Swap will end on May 9th, 2010 @ 11:59pm Eastern Time

Swap #5: Metallic Silver Vintage Shoes

Size 9

I came across these shoes way back in high school--they were amongst some of my first vintage items I ever bought. Found them on the mezzanine of my very favorite antique store back home in Evansville, IN.

I wore them only once; they're very fragile and delicate...and sadly I realized I could not fool myself any longer. My feet are not a size 9; therefore these cuties are too big on me :(

They're darling. From the silver lame fabric ("lame" as pronounced le-may. I just can't seem to figure out where the French accent mark is on my keyboard--it is not "lame" as in, "loserville"), to the rhinestone detail, to the fact that the brand is named, "Miss America"!

As mentioned, they're size 9.
(Approx 10-1/2" length)
Heel height: 2"

These shoes are at my guess 30-45+ years old.
(all you vintage experts out there, correct me if I'm wrong-or let me know exact era please)

And with age, there's slight aging...
-A faint brown-ish stain grazes the left shoe flat
-The flap of left shoe is coming detached (as seen below, easily fixable w/some stitching or glue)
-Shoes, especially left, is minimally stretched out as if a wide foot once wore these.
-Slight yellowing on the inside of shoe
-Overall, the right shoe is in good condition, left shoe is poor condition
(but with a little love, I'm certain they can be restored. With that said, they're both still very wearable)


I'm interested in swapping for:
-A Vintage Accessory of some sort
-Name your own Swap
-And of course, anything from my Wishlist would work.

Nothing to Swap?
OK, $5.00 + cost of shipping

When ready to propose a swap, contact me at:
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-List your proposed swap in body of email
No tradebacks allowed, ask questions if you have any concerns.
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Swap will end on May 9th, 2010 @ 11:59pm Eastern Time