Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Welcome to my Swap-Shop, Swappy Seconds!
Maybe you'll just find that my cast-offs are your newest treasure.

The Plan:

-I post items I'm planning on getting out of my life
-You entice me with swap proposals
-After previously specified amount of time, I choose the person's item I most want to swap for
-"Winner" and I trade addresses and head to the post office (I pay to ship you my item(s), you pay to ship me your items)
-A Swap has been made!

How To Go About a Swap:

-Read each item's post carefully, making sure to note the end date of each swap.
-If interested in the item, email me (swappy_seconds@yahoo.com)with the blog post's title as the subject
-Within the email, tell me your item(s) you're willing to trade for it (photos are appreciated)
-Wait patiently until swap Item's specified end-date, when winner will be contacted within 24 hours (unless I'm out-of-town, or something crazy is going down in my life).
-Winner will also be posted on Swappy Seconds for all to note. (if you have a blog/website I will link the winner to it)

It's "Quality" Not Quantity:

-I am getting rid of these items whether swapped or not, they will eventually be donated to charity (I just want to give you first dibs)
-I am not looking to score a lot of items/loot in these trades, in fact I'm looking to downsize my life.
-Many Items will be grouped together as a "LOT", and I am not necessarily looking to trade for similar quantity of items.
-I'll be happy to trade a "LOT" for one item I really treasure.
-So make your proposed swaps geared to my likings

Don't Have Anything to Swap?:

-No problem, each item will also specify a small fee for those looking to make a quick purchase.
-Just email me letting me know that you're interested in Buying, not swapping
-In addition to the small purchase fee, you will be responsible for shipping charges.
-By opting to purchase instead of swapping does not necessarily guarantee you a "win", I may choose a swap item from another proposal if its well suited to my liking

Some Hints on Swaying my Final Choice:

-Check out my ongoing "Wishlist" for items I LOVE/WANT all-day, everyday
-Check the Item's Post to see if any particular goods are listed as "Swap-worthy"
-Get to know ME by reading my blog: Wild as a Mink, but Sweet as Sodapop

Got Questions?

-Read all Items' posts carefully, as tradebacks and refunds will not be allowed. Make sure to ask any questions before proposing a swap.
-If you decide against a previous proposal-contact me before the end-date and I'll be happy to remove your item from consideration.
-Swapper (me) pays for shipping my item(s) to you, Swappee (you) pays to ship your item(s) to me.
-If individual choosing to purchase my item (instead of swapping) is chosen as the winner of the swap, he/she will be responsible for payment and shipping costs.


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